It's about family at Vivere Italian Restaurant in Oak Creek — and, of course, a chef who sings to his soup

Apr 13, 2018 192

BY: Hannah Kirby

It’s all in the family at Vivere Italian Restaurant, a family-run business in Oak Creek, where employees feel like relatives and customers are treated like they are.  And it's also a place where the chef sings to his soup. Yes, you— read that right. He sings to it. It's kind of a love song. (More on that in a bit.)

Vivere owner Tony Rusidovski grew up in the restaurant industry, beginning at age 2. His dad, Frank Rusidovski, opened Two Brothers, 4625 W. Burnham St., Milwaukee, over 25 years ago and the family lived above the diner until Tony was 6.  “I don’t have any bad memories from being in a restaurant,” Tony Rusidovski said. “It’s something I’ve always enjoyed.”

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