Italy and the Geopolitics of Migration: Aesthetic Representations

Sep 17, 2018 186

Presented by the UCLA, Department of Italian & the Department of Film, Television, and Digital Media, the symposium brings together artists and scholars to examine recent literary and cinematic representations of non-Western migration.

Novelist, poet and essayist UBAH CRISTINA ALI FARAH—author of Little Mother (2011), a narrative about the Somali diaspora in Africa, Italy, and other countries—will present a reinterpretation of the paradigmatic tale about civil and moral strife which is Sophocles’ Antigone. ANDREA SEGRE, sociologist and director of many documentary and fiction films examining transnational migration to Italy, will screen and discuss his recent feature film The Order of Things (2017), based on transnational networks of political, military, criminal and non-governmental organizations involved in European immigration policies.

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