Italian scenarios

Nov 09, 2017 467

BY: David Lamble

The 2017 edition of New Italian Cinema continues Thurs.-Sun., Nov. 9-12, at San Francisco's Vogue Theatre. The film culture that pioneered what we now call art-house films – Mastroianni, Loren, Fellini, Antonioni, De Sica, Gerini – returns with compelling dramas presented by a new generation of actors and filmmakers.

"Indivisible" (2016) In Edoardo De Angelis' family drama, two sisters, twins conjoined at the hip, Daisy and Viola, protest their stern Papa's plan to cash in on their condition. As the girls go about their day, they encounter creepy guys who want to touch them for luck. One day an older surgeon offers them a free operation. The girls are delirious, but their papa quietly seethes at the prospect of losing his meal ticket.

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