Italian Gardens: Lake Penne Oasis and Botanical Garden

Jul 14, 2017 471

The Lake Penne Oasis is located within the Lake Penne Regional Reserve, in the town of Penne in the Pescara province, in Abruzzo. It broadens for about 1,300 hectares and protects a characteristic wet environment, that of the river bands.

The lake, artificially born from man's intervention, is today a concrete example of environmental recovery. Inside the Oasis are implemented environmental education, responsible tourism, biological cultivation; renewable energy is used and produced, local traditions are promoted, scientific culture spreads.

Inside the reserve there is the Penne Botanical Garden, whose symbol is the tifa (Typha spp.), But there are also several aromatic plants such as thyme (Thymus spp.), marjoram (Origanum majorana), lavender (Lavandula spp.) and mint (Mentha spp.).

The fauna is characterized by the otter: in the oasis lies the "Centro Lontra" (Otter Center), a structure coordinated with other Italian and European centers, aimed at its reproduction and preservation. Another mammal present is the badger, in addition to numerous other small rodents. Numerous migratory birds also live here.

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