If only a lifestyle could become World Heritage

Dec 05, 2017 329


Writing for a living is at once a curse and a blessing: a curse because, believe me, writer’s block is real and hits when you least expect it. A blessing because nothing can really beat sitting down with your thoughts, day in day out, writing them down on a piece of paper - if you like doing stuff the old fashioned way like me, that is - and mould them into perfect little gems to gift to those patient enough to read.

Inspiration can come from anything and anywhere, really, a quick shiver through the heart, a flash-like sparkle of excitement behind the eyes. That is exactly what happened to me only a couple of days ago while I was on one of my regular inspiration hunts for l’Italo Americano, and I came across a suggestive, beautifully written piece by Riccardo Giumelli, of La Voce di New York. 

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SOURCE: http://www.italoamericano.org

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