If this NC statue had survived the fire of 1831, it would be one of the country's masterpieces

May 11, 2018 190


Every spring, hundreds of fourth-graders parade past the 16-foot statue of George Washington standing inside the Capitol rotunda, a masterpiece in Italian marble. If they recall anything about this monument to a founding father, they most likely notice the sandals strapped on his enormous feet, or the Roman military kilt hiked halfway up his muscular legs, or the pen he holds to sign his name "Giorgio" on an enormous tablet — his pinky finger raised.

But this curious piece is only a replica of the original created by Antonio Canova, the Italian sculptor personally recommended by Thomas Jefferson. The former president not only chose Canova and recommended an unheard-of $10,000 fee, he suggested ancient Roman garb for his fellow patriot, explaining that American costumes would have a "puny effect."

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SOURCE: http://www.newsobserver.com

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