How to Cook like an Italian Chef

Jul 16, 2017 505

BY: Alison Spiegel

In the summertime, grilling is great, and we welcome any version of s'mores we can find. But, mostly, all we want to eat are fresh ingredients, simply prepared. That's why you can find us cooking Italian most nights of the week. So when Sessanta, one of NYC's hottest Italian restaurantstook on a new chef who revamped its menu, we knew where to go for a refresher in the ways of cooking Italian at home, especially during the hot months.

If you're not seeking advice from an Italian grandma, you'd be hard-pressed to find a better source of wisdom on all things pasta than Adam Leonti, the former chef de cuisine at Vetri in Philadelphia. At Sessanta, Leonti caters to tourists, as well as neighborhood locals used to eating out five nights a week, so he's constantly making sure his menu hits all the right notes and appeals to a diverse crowd.

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