How ‘Coco’ Composer Michael Giacchino Tells Emotional Stories, Musically: Crew Call Podcast

Dec 05, 2017 419

BY: Anthony D'Alessandro

When it comes to his ascent as a blockbuster film composer whose credits total close to $14 billion at the box office, Michael Giacchino has done it his way. Typically, burgeoning film composers try to find their way into an established maestro’s studio, doing whatever they can from making tea to loading up cue tracks in the studio.

But Giacchino’s entree into film music was quite different: As a graduate of the School of Visual Arts, the New Jersey-born Italian American soon found his way working for both Universal and then later Disney’s public relations department. His Disney PR boss at the time was well aware of Giacchino’s interest in film music and encouraged him to take classes at Juilliard. 

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