Greater Youngstown Italian Festival returns

Aug 03, 2018 190


The city’s new amphitheater will be open next summer, but the Greater Youngstown Italian Festival – the largest annual downtown event – plans to stay right where it is. John Rossetti, chairman of the festival, offered some reassurance to those who think this will be the festival’s final year on Federal Street, where it has become a tradition. The present location is where it belongs, said Rossetti in an interview last week, adding there is no plan to move it to the new amphitheater.

“The Italian festival is a street festival, and I don’t see us moving anywhere,” he said. “It belongs in the street. I applaud the city for building the amphitheater, but as of now, the Italian festival is going to stay, for the foreseeable future, smack dab in the middle of town, where it belongs.”

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