Going Next Level: Il Rosso returns fresh from the oven

Jul 16, 2017 597

BY: Andrew Wisniewski

It all started with food. And you could also say a dream. For years, 13 to be somewhat exact, Bob Verderame had a vision about a pizzeria in Flagstaff that was more than just pizza—all while he was laying down ink on body parts at Tat-Fu Tattoo, which he opened in 2001.

In July of 2014, he got his chance. With a handshake from a local property owner he says “didn’t know him from Jack,” but who recognized his passion for food—one passed down through generations of family, Il Rosso Italiane was born. And for close to two years Verderame built up a small business and sense of place that amassed what has been likened to a “cult-like” following, all in the name of excellent Italian food.

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SOURCE: http://azdailysun.com

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