Gianni Versace’s Cold-Blooded Murder Outside His Mansion — 20 Years Later: ‘There Was Extraordinary Pain’

Jul 15, 2017 686

BY: Adam Carlson

It’s been 20 years since Italian design icon Gianni Versace was gunned down by a serial killer on the steps of his Miami Beach mansion, Casa Casuarina, in Florida on July 15, 1997. Much has changed in the decades since Versace became the final victim of Andrew Cunanan’s multi-state murder spree. But some things endure — chief among them, perhaps, Versace’s name and the fashion empire that bears it.

“He has a legacy that’s still vibrant, and that’s the true test of somebody’s greatness,” friend Hal Rubenstein told PEOPLE earlier this month. “You still think of him. And that’s pretty glorious.” The circumstances of Versace’s slaying — a morbid, sudden end to a glamorous global life — continue to exert a pull.

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