The fascinating history of frozen pizza

Sep 14, 2018 168

BY: Kevin Farrell

Perhaps because I currently reside in the resort town of Palm Springs, my grocery shopping experiences often end with a cashier weighing in on my haul. An employee telling me they’re surprised that I’m not simply stocking up on boxes of La Croix, tortilla chips and salsa is just part of the checkout experience at this point. I nod politely, and say for the hundredth time, “Oh no, I live here.” But no single item on the conveyor belt comes close to provoking as much commentary as a frozen pizza. In a town where everybody goes out to eat, the sight of my frozen lifesaver for a night I don’t feel like cooking is observed as some sort of shocking heresy.

But there’s no shame in my F.P. game. To quote New York gubernatorial candidate Cynthia Nixon, currently embroiled in her own food shame press cycle, “Don’t yuck my yum.” Rather than bow my head when the cashier hit me this weekend with a loaded, “Ah, another frozen pizza, I see,” I decided to embrace my beloved freezer-section staple and dive deep into the crust of the matter. This is the fascinating history of the frozen pizza.

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