Etruscan settlement found in Sardinia for first time

Jan 09, 2018 551

An Etruscan settlement that dates back to the 9th century BC has been found on the Sardinian coasts near Olbia. The presence emerged during a review of the findings of recent years by the archaeological superintendency for the Sassari and Nuoro provinces. The area of the settlement - according to a statement issued by the superintendency - is on the Tavolara isle, a position that enabled a certain degree of caution in contact with coastal inhabitants and those further inland.

Archaeologists note that other settlements might be found in the Gallura area, on the opposite shore from Etruria. Etruria's cities such as Populonia, Vetulonia, Vulci and Tarquinia sprung up during the era in question, the first phase of the Age of Iron.

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