Cava Museo: Explore the quarry where the marble was sourced for Michaelangelo's David

May 18, 2018 244

There’s now a museum nestled within the heart of the quarries. It allows people to take a tour and explore the quarries to learn about the history of how the stone was excavated, as well as its use in art and architecture. Inside the museum, you can find huge, beautiful sculptures made from the very stone that surrounds the site.

People have been trekking into these mountains to quarry the marble for thousands of years. The ancient Romans admired its beauty and purity. They sourced rocks from these mines to create some of their most iconic buildings like the Pantheon and the Column of Marcus Aurelius. In the renaissance, the Florentine guilds purchased a huge block of marble from the quarry which Michelangelo used to create his Davidstatue.

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