Can New Jersey bread taste as good as New York's? Baker Joe Leone says yes

Jun 12, 2018 163

BY: Sarah Griesemer

People raised in New York say the state's water is the key to truly great pizza, bagels and bread. But what if that New York water was made in New Jersey?  New York Watermaker, a Garden State-based company, can replicate water from anywhere in the world. And here at the Shore, baker Joe Leone is using the machine to make his famous bread even better.

"The idea itself has been around forever: Everybody who grew up in New York knows you can't get any good bagels anywhere but New York City," said Paul Errigo of Monmouth Beach, president and CEO of New York WaterMaker. "It's the matter of the proper characteristics of the water that make the yeast react well to dough, that makes bread fluffier and more flavorful."

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