The best Neapolitan pizza in North Carolina? We pick these 4. (Now argue with us.)

Aug 07, 2018 259

Neapolitan pizza isn’t a delivery system for pepperoni and sausage. The dough is very soft, it’s cooked so quickly in wood-burning ovens that the edges puff and bubble, and the toppings are minimal, usually just uncooked crushed-tomato sauce and a few circles of fresh mozzarella, preferably made with sweet buffalo milk, maybe a few basil leaves sprinkled here and there.

This isn’t a Netflix-and-chill kind of pizza. A search for great Neapolitan pizzas around Charlotte led me out to try a few places around the state that are with scoring high marks. As I did with the Charlotte search, I focused on Margherita, the simple and classic version. (If I had a chance to try more, I mentioned it.)

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