Bayside Actor Is Now a Hollywood Fixture

Sep 13, 2018 292

Bayside native Peter Gaudio has become a fixture in Hollywood by carving out roles in hit mob films like “A Bronx Tale” and “Gotti.” Soon, Gaudio will appear as the “the muscle,” in the upcoming film “Cruise,” directed by Robert Siegel. “Cruise” tells the tale of a blue-collar, Italian-American (a role played by Spencer Boldman) who falls in love with a wealthy Jewish woman (Emily Ratajkowski) from Long Island in 1987.

The film is set in Queens and hits theaters on Sept. 28. “I’ve lived this movie,” Gaudio told “Everyone else comes to Queens and does their work and then goes back home to their mansions in Malibu. I still live in Bayside.” Gino Cafarelli, another Queens resident, also played a significant role in the project. Cafarelli was listed as one of the film’s executive producers and appears in the film as the father of the main character. Gaudio’s next project, a TV series, has him playing a member of the Brooklyn mob.


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