The Bagni Vecchi in Bormio: old thermal baths become new again

Aug 07, 2017 511

After about one month of renovations, the Bormio’s Bagni Vecchi (Old Baths) have reopened, allowing the public to enjoy once again the historical, panoramic pool (with a breathtaking view of Valdidentro, in Valtellina) and ancient springs, managed today by QC Terme.

The Bagni have a long history and tradition: an 1870 travel guide mentions, “Crossing the pleasant Lake Como, where the majesty and beauty of nature meet wonderful works of art, and moving up the picturesque Valtellina until the highest corner of Italy, where the naked rocks and the glaciers of the Stelvio appear between the Rhaetian Alps like a faraway horizon, you will see in the distance an ancient mountain ruin, which seems to be part of the cliff, like a Greek monastery."

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