Aperitivo time unlocks passion for appetizer kits

Sep 13, 2018 167

Enjoying an aperitivothe typical Italian way to spend happy hours with cocktails and a rich variety of the best quality food, is trending also in North America, bringing new creative ideas for the retail and foodservice channels. In a sign of how the trend is bringing innovation, Italian producers of olives, cheese and salami are adding to their traditional offer a new range of appetizer kits that mix selected products from other manufacturers.

Salami specialist Veroni is launching the range ‘Antipasto Italiano’, which pairs its renowned cold cuts with authentic provolone cheese, or with breadsticks. Table olive producer Ficacci offers an assortment of regional olives for aperitif moments, including a medley of pitted Leccino olives garnished with Provencal herbs and hot spicy peppersthat are particularly suitable for cocktails and appetizers. Provolone cheese maker Auricchio has launched six varieties of cheese creamsand a new provolone snack in single serve packages for consumers who want a quality snack on the go.

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SOURCE: https://www.italianfood.net/

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