Amo l'italia - Italian beauty makes its move

Jul 12, 2018 169

When you think of luxurious European cosmetics, I think we’d all look at the French beauty industry. It’s hard not to. With the likes of L’Oréal, LVMH, L’Occitane and Clinique all hailing from the country, it’s clearly a mecca for successful cosmetic powerhouses. However, there seems to be a rumble in the jungle of late, with the Italian government looking at ways in which to push the country forward and showcase the talented brands born from this area, with the Made in Italy marketing campaign in full swing.

Early last year we wrote about the Made in Italy camp looking to make waves in America, with Italian Trade Commission and Cosmetica Italia spearheading the launch of a project to grow Italian exports. The Beauty Made in Italy project aimed to grow Italian exports to the likes of the US, Iran and Columbia through a host of promotional activites, while Cosmetica Italia launched a new directory Buy Italian Cosmetics, giving Italian beauty brands a free profile on the trade body’s website.

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